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How to Avoid common Web Design Mistakes to increase Sales

gayatri36gayatri36 subscriber Posts: 29 Bronze Level Member
edited March 2016 in Grab Bag
I am in Furniture Business. Recently I Switched towards E commerce to sell my products. I am thinking to 'avoid mistakes while designing our website'. please suggest me to same. your comments are welcome.


  • topsinttopsint subscriber Posts: 1
    For increasing online sale there is no fix format for designing but you have to test and test. I think you have to created two landing page for different designs. You have to create proper call to action. You have to create site for users not for google. I mean user experience should be great so users will easily access your site. Create neat and clean images. Show the social icons for sharing your business socially. Send Out Wishlist Reminder Emails. Do Market Research and Anticipate Future Sales.
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    1. Too Much Going On

    To avoid this, you need to sit down to strategize and plan exactly what your brand is all about so you can build your website around its core values.

    2. Too Little Going On

    Enough information should be provided so the user can understand the brand and its purpose easily.

    3. A Poor CTA

    Keep form-filling to a minimum and always allow users a few minutes to browse the page before the CTA shows up.

    4. Ugly or Irrelevant Images

    Using irrelevant images will confuse your readers and will make them wonder about the message you’re trying to convey. They can easily become frustrated and click off.

    5. Terrible Navigation

    Make sure all the navigational aspects of your website are easy to understand and notice. Remember that on the world wide web, people expect information to be delivered in an instant and if your website doesn’t deliver, they’ll look elsewhere!

    6. No Mobile Site Experience

    If your site doesn’t offer a mobile-friendly experience, it needs to be considered a priority. As users are seeking the optimal experience, they will click off and find a website that is more functional if necessary.

    7. Poor Use of Content

    Consider including an active blog to your website to provide your customers with value. In turn, this will gain their trust and will help you build a brand for yourself.

    8. Lack of Contact Information

    Your ‘Contact Us’ page should be clearly visible and always one click away. At the very least, it should be easy to find at the bottom of every page.

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