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Why do many startups fail?

TimitytTimityt subscriber Posts: 6 Member
edited September 2016 in Marketing
What do you think is important for an startup to succeed ?


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    willsmith1985willsmith1985 subscriber Posts: 0
    In most cases, I think the problem is not derived from the idea or product of the startup, problem and factor that decide the succeed of a startup is the connection between people.
    Poor management team will lead to lots of problems such as: poor market strategy that make business model failures, running out of cash, and many issues with product's quality.
    If you are going to startup and intend to collaborate with others, remember that People + Good Execution = Success. Every business has a mechanism, all people need to be connected and managed well.
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    PhillipsPhillips subscriber Posts: 68 Bronze Level Member
    There happens to be a constant war inside the mind of a start-up business owner. The war is all about the budget at which they will be able to achieve the maximum growth thereby creating a brand name for themselves. However, taking care of their budgetary plans, they end focussing less on business plans and marketing strategy. They come up with some wrong business development plan and implements the bad marketing technology. Therefore, after a while their business crashes down, not being able to stand up in the cut-throat world of competition.

    However, I personally this can be avoided if startups think of implementing email marketing for their business development. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective business development solutions which will allow such businesses to reach their potential subscribers effectively. It helps in producing a good result and does not incur too much expense. Apart from this, there are social media platforms where such startups can promote their business. I am providing a link below that will emphasize on the tips and tricks that a startup should follow to build their own brand name.
    https://easysendy.com/blog/hybrid-email ... -startups/
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    RadioConsultantRadioConsultant subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    I think the main reason behind lies in lack of preparation (research, planning, etc)
    Even the idea is superb the execution is very weak - according to the missing business plan.
    When the idea is sold - so they actually attract some Venture Capital - the delivery is not so compelling and they fail. Usually the marketing is close to nothing and the target market does not know about the new product / service.
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    harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    For my experience, every startup needs best management platform for managing all business process. Pre-launch of startups business, you must analyse marketing trends, competitor status, selecting business fields related to your interest. I am also struggling at the startup stages. My side problem is lack of management so one of my business clients suggest me to try Apptivo for management. Apart from this plenty are there that depends on business fields.
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    Charlie PCharlie P subscriber Posts: 84 Silver Level Member
    In my opinion there is a huge amount of factors that can lead to a startup not making it in the market. A lack of practicality is probably one of the most common reasons. Some of the other reasons can fall into a lack of practicality. For instance, if a person thinks it's going to be easy or quick are not being practical with what it is going to take to be successful. While a lack of planning can be a huge influence, the opposite can also be the case. If one over analyzes each and every detail then they are going to destroy their own efficiency and not have time left to actually do business. Sometimes you just have to put together a good framework, check the math, build the budget, and then just go to work getting it done.

    As with most things in life, there is no perfect formula that is going to make a successful business. If there was, we would all being living the high life :D
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    ashsummerashsummer subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    Many of startups fail cause they build things without a solid marketing strategy. I personally spared neither trouble nor expense on promoting my startup effectively. The presentations and exhibitions arranged by http://proektainc.com/ company were the most beneficial for my business.
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    min_harpermin_harper subscriber Posts: 9
    Personally I've seen startups run by intelligent, product-focused founders fail because they underestimated how hard customer acquisition is. They created a great product, service, etc but they didn't understand that no really knows or cares about your business when you're just starting out. Harsh but sadly true. These founders usually run out of money and time because the user growth just wasn't there.
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    Jeff MarlonJeff Marlon subscriber Posts: 71 Bronze Level Member
    Start up fails because of the following reasons :

    Lack of unity among employees.
    lack of focus in their job responsibilities.
    Lack of communication with the upper authorities to sort out the weaknesses immediately.
    Lack of motivation and appreciation.
    Lack of satisfactory monetary benefits.
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