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Software company startup

ImaginThatImaginThat subscriber Posts: 1
Looking to meet motivated individuals in the computer science field who have an interest in starting up a new software company. Here are my ideas so far:

1. The company would be titled Imagin
2. A mockup software (still in "beta" stage) I've designed myself. It's a photo organizing/sharing/editing program (much like Zoner photo software suite), but I intended to price it at only a dollar and offer free updates (for life, I guess?). The key perks of this software would be to succeed where all others fail. It wouldn't be "just another Photoshop", but rather a more affordable and easy-to-use one. Updates would install in the background, it would provide features you can't find in other photo software (like adjusting color in LAB and XYZ spaces as a small example), and I also came up with about 18 of my own custom-designed filters (remember Instagram?). Having said all this, I think the potential is huge. People love photos and people love filters. It's that simple to me lol.
3. I would like to develop other types of software, as well. I have another great idea for a weekly planning app (to be developed primarily for mobile devices).

Ideal partners would be serious and not let failures discourage from moving forward with the project. Obviously no money is to be made until a product is sold and yeah, it probably wouldn't be the next Google. The opportunity I'm presenting is for people who, like me, have a passion to design and bring to fruition our own ideas rather than mindlessly code for a nameless business entry who may or may not have your best interests in mind. It's also for people who are willing to accept the reality that making a business work is hard and won't come easy.

If interested, I am prepared to invest as much time and work necessary to get this going. Nothing is really set in stone at this point so I am also open to different ideas (as far as company vision/products go).

I look forward to hearing back!
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