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Buying Inventory

adamcadamc subscriber Posts: 11
edited January 2009 in Business Planning
I have a small online business that has done about 1000 dollars in sales (this number may seem low but I am only in highschool.) My business is called 2nd Chance Games I buy and I sell used game on Ebay. One of my biggest challenges is getting inventory because I live in such a small town. If you drive about eighty miles away there is a town seventy times bigger with more pawnshops the problem with alot of these pawn shops is that they charge Ebay prices for there older games I am wondering if there is a way or any suggestions you all could give in trying to buy there inventory at a discounted price.


  • crazychixcrazychix subscriber Posts: 5
    Try your local craig`s list, you might be able to find people on a regular basis trying to get rid of games for a reasonable price.
  • design4webdesign4web subscriber Posts: 6
    Considering I use to and still a little bit am a collectibles dealer. Here are some ways you can do it.
    1. Buy in lots on ebay.
    2. Since you are in a small town your craigslist area may not be the best. Search craigslist at google with terms like...
    video games craigslist "results from all or most craigslist postings will come up. Contact the seller let them know who you are and your ebay id and ask if they can take paypal. Surprising a lot of people are aware of paypal and will take paypal. If not ask if you can send a money order.
    Good Luck!
  • djokaadjokaa subscriber Posts: 6
    buying lots on Ebay is probably your best bet. Also, you can search for Ebay users that are selling several games at a time, and offer to buy them all together, for a discounted, bulk price.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    there older games = their
    there inventory = their
  • design4webdesign4web subscriber Posts: 6
    Methods above work very well. Also, a great way to have the web work for you with ebay is to use snipping software. Sometimes auctions end the same time from one seller and the prices go for less because you cant bid on them all. Use a sniper and grab as much as you can.
    Simple rules:
    1. Research going value
    2. Buy for 25-50% of going price "even less if possible"
    3. Dont over bid because you want to have item available. Bidders get into bidding frenzys because they have to have it now. You can always get it later.
  • adamcadamc subscriber Posts: 11
    Thats true but do any of you think that it is possible to buy their inventory if I buy bulk?
  • design4webdesign4web subscriber Posts: 6
    Many pawn shops are simply thrift stores that do pawn. Some get their items from ebay or craigslist. They are running a business and even if they were to give a discount it probably wont be as cheap as you can get it elsewhere such as craigslist or ebay. Buy smart, not whats easy.
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