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FirmReferral.com Critique

FirmReferralFirmReferral subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Website Critique
Hi all,
Thank you to Webline for critiquing my site - your comments were insigtful and proved to be constructive.  After reading the post on how to properly ask for a great critique from the users of this forum, I have decided to update this post.  Any help would be much appreciated. Please only constructive criticism.
My site is designed to be an online resource for consultants, in any field, to find legitimate job opportunites.  It is also designed to help companies, who are looking for consultants to help them on their projects, find the best consulting help available.
The website consists of a consultant side and an employer side.  Both URLs are below.  Thank you, once again, in advance for any constructive criticism.
Best regards,
The site(s):




FirmReferral4/16/2008 2:36 PM


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Your line, " FirmReferral is a consultancy brokerage site.... ", totally confused me at first; I had to read it 3 times to understand what you were saying.
    The center box, " What`s going on .... " , and the page it leads to with the graphics all over it, I just totally don`t get it. What`s the purpose?
    3 criteria for a search .... wouldn`t it be easier with just 2 ( category and state )? If someone mistypes something in the first box, will it take that into consideration, or just give empty results?
    Also, there is no way to know how many jobs/openings or whatever are even on your site; if you had something like "Our site currently has XXX number of positions available", then users would know up front they aren`t on a wild goose chase if there really isn`t much there.
    The media page locked up my browser ( Firefox ) for about 10 seconds.
    The menu stinks. Between the "Consultant Site" and "Post a Job", they both lead to different "Home" pages, and if this is supposed to be 2 different sites, that is even more confusing.
    I got a glimpse of a $10.00 fee somewhere, didn`t catch at first who pays it or when, then couldn`t fine that same info again when I went back to look for it.
    Your index page ( one of them, anyway ) has a td cell above your meta tags.
    Simplify your menu, clarify your language/text, add what is helpful for users and lose what isn`t.

    Webline4/15/2008 10:25 PM
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