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I work with Au'loni Magazine which addresses the evolution of business by highlighting the innovators and game changers of every industry. Our featured individuals and companies are on the fast track to becoming household names in just a few short years. Our Now is Next is the perfect slogan as news generations of bricklayers tackle the world's culture shift into entrepreneurship.

We currently have over 300,000 readers worldwide and partnerships with several top media heads in the nation! We've partnered with More FM Philly, Radio One (local and national), Reach Media, and co-host The Scoop Radio Show on WWDB AM 860 with over 20,000 listeners with a local and international audience. Our partnerships and international reach allows us to offer unique advertising opportunities in our publication and radio affiliates to ensure the reach and exposure of our participating companies and products.

We are looking for businesses far and wide to advertise with us!

Feel free to message/email me at
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