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Getting brands in your store

AnchorsYouthShopAnchorsYouthShop subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Business Planning
Hello, I'm Tanner and for a few months now I've had the idea of creating a store fit for being young. Right now I'm a senior in a private school and I'm looking to major in Business/Entrepreneurship. Because of my school's small structure our classes are very limited as to that of a public school. So far i've only taken Business Finance, Algebraic Connections, Calculus and Economics as far as business related classes go. But in regards to starting my business, I'm going to save that for another topic. My main question is how do I get brands in my store? My store is looking to focus on apparel, mainly; t-shirts and shoes. Now I am a huge fan of stores such as Journeys, Zumiez, and Hot Topic, so how do they get companies such as Van's and Converse to ship them shoes? I realize it is some sort of vending situation, but how would someone go through these steps? Now, I realize that isn't going to happen anytime soon. But later on down the road, what steps would I take? Would shipping them from the store or buying in bulk at the Vans store be cheaper but more efficient. Also, what percentage does the actual Brand store (Vans) make if you get them shipped through vendors? I apologize for any questions that may be clear as day, I just need some information. Thank you.
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