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Importing and rebranding questions

BrouinBrouin subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Business Planning
Hello everyone,

I am in the planning stage of my start up and I have a few questions. I am planning on importing a product from China and selling it in the US. This is a custom product made in China not a "Knock off" that you might of thought. I have everything planned out and ready to roll with this company that I am purchasing from. SO I ask for a sample of a new line they are working on and they tell me to just get one from another company in the US that they sell to. Here is my question/ concern, This US company is doing the exact same thing as I was going to do! to the "T". Now, there is enough room for both of us in the US but by Law, can I buy from his supplier and rebrand the same stuff that he is rebranding. I mean, the rebranding is just slaping a sticker with a logo on the darn thing. Can this US company come after me?I am in Texas, they are in GA. We would both sell on the web and eBay. Any advice would be great!



  • AllenJoyAllenJoy subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    This can be the problem,China Customs protect intellectual property right registered in their list.

    What's your product exactly?
  • marketinggalmarketinggal subscriber Posts: 28 Bronze Level Member
    Sounds like this may not be the best product to launch your company.  If there already an established company you could appear as a knockoff, which is not a good place to enter the market. 

    Also, I don't like your Chinese supplier suggestion and their unwillingness to send samples. This could point to their poor attitude or disinterest in your vision. 
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