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Best way to own the client when contracting subs

smctavishsmctavish subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Business Planning
through my past position I have connections across the country with engineering firms who frequently need gps surveys done. I've started a network of qualified surveyors and now I've begun to provide them with projects through my engineering connections. I treat them as subcontractors, produce a quote for the client from my company, and apply a markup plus project management fee.
Does anyone have a similar model (doesn't have to be surveying) or advice on properly structuring this so I own the client and the subs have little to no chance of cutting me out in the future?
I was originally thinking of having them sign a referral fee agreement but that doesn't ensure I own the client. The sub should only care that I pay them for their services, not how much the project is worth and my take on it. What type of agreement and model would be best suited for this? Thanks in advance!
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