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Branding Concern

CameronHooperCameronHooper subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Marketing
Hey everyone,

I was hoping I could get some serious advice. I own an online health coaching website & blog. To my surprise the blogging aspect has become more successful than I had anticipated compared to the online health coaching. Therein lies the problem: The name I created is Holistic Beginnings Health Coaching.

The name is too long I feel and defines it as a service and not a blog. I have a fear that if I keep going, that the domain and name will limit the potential of the blog because it sounds more like service than a blog.

The problem is that I have already established somewhat of a domain authority, some backlinks, and a following in general. Changing my domain name (from hbhcoaching.com) to something else would significantly slow my aims for getting more organic searches.

Do any of you think that this title will limit the success of my website as a blog? Any thoughts you have regarding this concern would be greatly appreciated!


  • msgin015msgin015 subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    I'd suggest making a 'tag line' akin to a 'jingle' around 'health coach' to complement your main heading. The tag line becomes like a second 'title' but least remains holding your keywords for SEO.
  • PRTplusPRTplus subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there, congratulations on your blogging success! You are right to be concerned about the perception of your business. Your name is an essential part of your brand. It needs to make the appropriate impression. There are many resources that can explain a manual 301 redirect. The SEO might be the easiest part. Your real challenge may be picking a new name. Happy Brainstorming! For more tips on branding you should check out "What's in a Brand?" on www.djlaunchacademy.com
  • ArjunArjun subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Cameron Hooper,
    It's a nice website & concept you've got there.You are right,the domain name plays an essential role in capturing peoples attention & enhancing the scope of online exposure.When it comes to branding & domains there are two kinds 1)You have the descriptive domain names,that clearly conveys the nature of your business 2)A short,vibrant name that might be a made-up brandable or a pleasant sounding word from any language like Gaia(which in Greek means 'The earth') has been chosen to represent a Yoga portal.For the latter option a bit of brand advertising & extensive marketing might be required,since you've to establish the brand.It depends on what your requirements are & my suggestion would be,you switch to a more accessible & more compatible domain name.While you familiarize & market this new brand name,you could forward your existing domain name to this domain,thereby capturing all the traffic & authority you've already established.
    You can check BrandMont.com,a domain name marketplace with a good collection of brand names that might appeal to you.Any other queries feel free to message me.Cheers
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