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How to build a mobile app with no coding experience

LostPetAppLostPetApp subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Not sure if the "Building a Website that Works" section is the best place for this, but I wrote a blog post recently on how to create a mobile app with no coding experience for very little money, and I figured the folks here might be interested.

http://www.spotspotapp.com/blog/how-to- ... ng-ability

Let me know what you think, and I'm more than willing to discuss how we built our app if you're interested in building one yourself!


  • manimalamanimala subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Hi there                    
    Hope you are in the business that's why pinpointed this question. People might use mobile app for doing daily internal tasks and communications. If you intend to launch your own app with no programming experience, then options available here hiring a freelancer, make use of app building platforms that are available on the internet and in case if you need more professional look on your App then get a contract with good mobile app development companies.
  • jjackevansjjackevans subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member

    You can create a mobile app using Python. It is one of the fastest ways to get your Android app done. Python is especially a simple and elegant coding language that mainly targets the beginners in software coding and development. While Android is already a good SDK and using Python instead of Java is a big advantage for some category developers. I learn Python and I often use python tutor for help, these guys are excellence in every technical task!

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