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Please Start up a site better than FACEBOOK

AGNOSTICAGNOSTIC subscriber Posts: 1
Before I say about my suggestion i must say why i think about this.

A) Iran is 13th internet usage or 22th internet user in world:

Many Iranian liberal anti dictatorship young people use FACEBOOK, BLOGGER and WORDPRESS for Publish their idea.

Since several years ago about hundreds blogger and Facebook users have found by spy service of IRI and some send to prison and some after undertake (Binding commitment?) are gotten free.

We think because Facebook requirement PHONE NUMBER or Passport scan or credit card scan spy service of Islamic state of Iran has able to find them. maybe they can buy off facebook or its employee for finding Anti dictatorship persons.

We for exam Call with some data center like i*** and h******** and s******* and asked skills and introduce us owner of some sites and can find some information about them. It was very easy to find some phone number and Address.

I think If a network or community require phone or passport it is too bad for commenting.

B) Apart from dangerous for people of dictatorship countries Facebook has several disadvantages:
1) It track information of people and track political idea and track economical info and archive it lifetime even delete account.
2) many people use it for Forum-like comment but it is not like a good web forum software like vBulletin.
because access to old post even new posts is very hard. also it has not categories and subjects.

If you made a service like vbulletin that a blogger attach service to his blog or TVs and other media can attach service to its website so many people will welcome.and you can show Ads suitable subjects so you can be a rich person
what must this service ability:
1) it likes vbulletin or smf or ...
2) it must not require PHONE and PASSPORT or Creditcard
3) it must have SSL with best secure certificate service.
4) It must have support RTL language like Arabic and Persian.
5) It must have good servers for not hanking.
6) you must good advertise about this online forum.

i found this service ,but it has not very good and can be better:

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