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PlaceILive - the Yelp for neighborhoods

Hello guys!

My name is Karolis and I am working with a startup called PlaceILive. This is an article that explains what we do: http://blog.placeilive.com/can-big-data ... in-cities/

To make it simple, we measure livability/life quality for zip codes, neigborhoods and houses in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London and Berlin. We talked with people from MIT, data scientists, urban researchers and developed our own algorithm that takes into account such factors as safety, pollution, various demographic metrics, entertainment, community etc.

On top of that, we do have some awesome map stuff that can help you get familiar with a new city faster when moving or just for those who want to understand more about their living environment. For example, here's a map where we mapped internet speed across NYC building by building: http://newyork.placeilive.com/broadband_internet .
We also have social aspect integrated and people can rate/review places that matter to them if they don't agree with the statistical results/evaluations. We are implementing machine learning technologies that would take into account what locals think when counting life quality index as well. We make all of this possible by using open data that we gather from various governmental institutions, US Census, Socrata etc.

I would like to ask you, guys to go and see what you like about it, what's missing, what you would like us to improve! It would help a lot to receive some feedback. So feel free to join a conversation!

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