middleman... i try to find products for you

spy100spy100 subscriber Posts: 4
Are you looking for something like :

1.Rolex Watches
2.Patek Philippe watches
3.Precious and Semiprecious Stones and jewellery
4.Gold,Silver,Palladium,Platinum metals and jewellery
5.Coins,Stamps,Autographs,Antiquities,Art,Sculptures,Memorabilia,Trading Cards
6.Classic Cars
7.Used Luxury Brands Products...perfumes,handbags etc (Louis Vuitton,Tiffany & Co,Cartier,Gucci etc)

Send me a personal message(PM) like this :

1.I want to buy : product name here
2.Details about the product : if you want something unique and rare specify here,color,serial number etc..
3.Condition: New or Second Hand
4.Product Category: example: watch,jewellery,art etc...
5.Price that you are willing to pay for the product : example: i will pay for product "x" 4999 USD
6.Your email : put your email address here
7.Skype: if you have skype let me know your id also
8.Your country: your country here

If your 100% sure you want to buy the product after i send you pictures/details about the product(s) my commission is 2% of product price that you want to buy,i talk to the seller and i make sure he will sell the product at the price you want ...after payment i will give you seller's contact information so you can buy the product from him using bank transfer/credit card,bitcoin etc,so you can talk about shipping/contract and so on...

No commission if i can't find the product for you.

2.Western Union
4.Ria Money Transfer
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