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I need all the necessary help for my dreams !

JonathanAV95JonathanAV95 Posts: 1subscriber
edited April 2015 in New Member Welcome
Hey everyone, been looking for a forum that can easily help me with entrepreneur type business, etc. This is by far the nices layout forum that provides necessary information.

Anyways a lil information about me:

Currently 20 years old, studying electrical engineering (bachelor) but have been programming since i was 15. I've decided to become an iOS developer and have come up with pretty neat ideas for apps. However, i want to be able to commercialize them and build myself a small business as a developer but i do not have any idea on how to approach this.

So i created 2 apps, havent released it yet, but i want to release them with a business name rather than my personal name (indie). How do i approach that? Also i'll be working on my own off my house using my custom made computers. So any help is 10x appreciated, thanks !
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