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How do you sustain sales without a repeat customer base?

GirlyMcnerdyGirlyMcnerdy subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Sales
Hey all,

I'm in the process of working on a sales plan, and I'm a little stuck. In the past, I've run a service based business dependant on repeat customers.

The business I am working on now involves selling a product that will not necessarily need to be purchased again by the consumer. The business is an art business selling hand designed/printed posters. Most people will be buying 1-2 pieces for their walls. Some will be gifts for friends/family. But for the most part, I am guessing these will be one time purchases with very little repeat clientel.

Since that fact makes my marketing just that much more difficult, I thought I would poll the audience. If you are running a business with one product line, how do you gain/sustain that new traffic?

Thanks all!


  • rjd203rjd203 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey. There are probably a few different approaches you could take.

    existing customers - contact them about items similar to the ones they've purchased (same artist, same style) because they've already shown an interest in this type of item, they might purchase more
    existing customers - if you know they've purchased items as gifts, then you can keep suggesting gifts, especially if you have information on when gifts might be due (e.g. birthdays)
    new customers - all recipients should receive info on you when they receive the gift which prompts them to look at what's available. If they liked the gift then they might buy for someone else.
    new customers - many social media channels are visual based, which lends itself to the sharing of examples of your posters. Share versions to fit in to news / events, to maximise relevance.

    Just a start. If you have any questions, just let me know.
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