Getting products on the Shelves Big Box Retail

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Most people I work with always think a big expensive patent is the way to go when protecting and invention.That's exactly what I thought back in 1995. I spent 8,800 to get a utility patent and it did me not one bit of good. 90% of the time if you have the next big thing then someone will copy you. Unless you have a boat load of cash to back you up to file a claim then it's almost worthless. It is all about being "First" to market and securing retailers. It is a lot of work, but if you hustle you can do it! Feel free to read my bio., I don't sell anything or get paid for you to visit my site. I put this site up years ago as a way for people like me to have some direction. It's and info only site and is ugly but hey, it's free info. Wishing you all the best of luck! http://www.howtosellyourproducttowalmar ... ididit.htm
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