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Hello,My name is Ben and I ran a small home based screen printing business. I started fairly recently.  My first immediate goal at this point is to create a website that seamlessly combines screen printing with apparel retail. The competition is light; there are Cafepress.com, Threadless.com, and etc. but the key here is merge two very interrelated operations into one. I have done my share of research and I honestly have no seen a website that combines both custom printing and apparel retailing to their full potentials. The screen printing  industry offers high rewards and marketing is the key to survive. I  plan to market to overlooked niche groups such as start-up bands for custom printing and intend to use venues such as Facebook. The targeted audience group for this business is between 18-28 years old. Obviously, the long term goal of this business is to establish itself as a sustainable enterprise and eventually fully integrate the online experience with franchise stores. This is a high growth market based on the billion-dollar apparel retailing industry. I personally believe it will succeed. I have tested some limited concept ideas online with very tangible successes.  However, I lack the funding to achieve and I be interested in getting 100k-200k. If you are interested, we can schedule a phone call to further discuss the details I mentioned above. Thank You very much for your interestBen


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