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which workspace to choose ?

HadyHady subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Business Planning
Hello everyone, I'm starting a mobile app development business in Cairo, Egypt.
i'm now setting a workplace, i will be renting one, i have two options one that is affordable but not the best looking. and the other which is really cool looking and looks very professional and has many services and great looks like car parking, panorama windows view and is located inside of a working plaza, the problem is its price, its not very affordable it cost more than approximately 140% of the first one's rent. (I'm not so good with math here).

the first one is $1500, the second is $3500

which one should i choose ?


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    Road2SaleRoad2Sale subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Hady,
    It is important to consider in this case how big of a role will the office have on your business.
    First of all, do you intend to have customers/associates over?
    Have you considered your additional costs, electricity, water, stationary, what if something breaks and you need to replace it?
    Will the office have an effect on your employees? Will they feel uncomfortable in the cheaper office, have any problems?
    I completely understand the urge for panorama windows, I am sure you will feel a lot more proud if you owned the expensive office, but it's all about how it will affect the business.
    If you want to go for the expensive one, I would suggest you try and think of ways to earn something from it. For example have it in your promotional video, rent out a section that you are not using.
    It just depends on how well you can "use the office"

    I hope that helps a bit.
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    epicnewmediaepicnewmedia subscriber Posts: 0
    Definitely worth taking on the more professional office - the image of an office tells a lot about the business for many.

    Go for it - you have nothing to lose!
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