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In search of constructive criticism

EimantasJasinauskasEimantasJasinauskas subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Business Planning
Hello, I am a Lean manager with over 5 years of experience of manufacturing process engineering and i am thinking about opening my own workshop for manual assembly of sub-assemblies or final assembly products, since manufacturing is VERY costly to start and i have just about enough money to rent a workshop and buy some tools, i have went with the idea of manual assembly which would not require me to invest into costly machinery. I have a very good location for such workshop since i live in Lithuania and the labor cost for man-hour is ridiculously cheap (Compared to other EU countries)
I am thinking of starting a business with a "individual activity under a business certificate" which is not a company but rather a certificate of individual activity (as it is clear by the name of the certificate)

Do you think such a plan might work? looking forward to seeing some really constructive criticism

Thank you


  • StartupCoachStartupCoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Before you invest in machinery and rent a space, perhaps you can test the concept and see if people will sign up for the workshops. One easy way to test the idea is to build a website that describe the idea, then run some Google adwords. If you get people to sign up, then you know you have something. If nobody signs up, you will have saved yourself lots of time and money by first testing the idea on a small scale.
  • StartupCoachStartupCoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Ah you are right cmarkjohnson, I misinterpreted what he is trying to do. I think my advice still applies though. Before you buy machinery, reach out to potential customers to get a feel for the demand. You might get some really good insights.
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