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Business Idea Help

RyanKRyanK subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2014 in Sales
So I have a great business plan that I've worked very hard on. I believe (very strongly) that I can succeed, there's only one thing that I'm not sure how to do. My business requires contacting businesses and giving them my "sales pitch". But I have been looking and most companies only have general emails that make it seem that my sales pitch will just looked over as a scam. I KNOW that if they just heard me out or read what I have to offer that I could make them a client, my only problem is how do I get them to hear me out? Call them, email? What's my best option?
Thanks for any replies in advance!


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    Hadi Duta RegonuraHadi Duta Regonura subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Hi Ryan I'd like to hear your business idea and we can communicate through email & exchange contact there
    I'm an international business trader selling products from Indonesia, India & China
    Hope we can have good connection & good working business 
    Here's my email
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    jimmy johnsonjimmy johnson subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member
    What exactly is your business niche? i am confused?
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    AudreyFAAudreyFA subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Same as others, not sure I understand correctly.
    I'd suggest maybe to use LinkedIn InMail.  You have to pay but then you can find the right contact in the industry you target based on job titles for example. Then, you send message through LinkedIn to connect with this person.  I'd suggest it for B2B and to avoid falling in the SPAM folders if you send it from your email to people who have never heard from you. 

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    Alberto G. MorrisonAlberto G. Morrison subscriber Posts: 26 Bronze Level Member
    12 Ways to Better Connect With Your Clients
    1. Teach your guests how your business able to provide benefits to them.
    2. Ask questions, use eye contact, listen and sit at eye level when consulting.
    3. Suggest change, even if it's subtle changes
    4. Take before and after photos!
    5. Create how-to videos/posts on social media 
    6. Research the trends and share them with your clients in-person, through social media and email.
    7. Tag your customers
    8. Hold client appreciation nights.
    9. Allow clients to show off their items in your space.
    10. Introduce clients to other clients
    11. Hold events for celebratory milestones.
    12. Promotion on Facebook and IG with video content is key to gain new customers.
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    Justin evansJustin evans subscriber Posts: 69 Bronze Level Member
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    PulsarrPulsarr subscriber Posts: 89 Silver Level Member
    I think nowadays the best ideas for business is in IT sphere 
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