Life after eBay

SShawnieSShawnie subscriber Posts: 1
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I made most of my money on eBay for the past 3 years until one day i received a message no seller wants to receive stating i can no longer be a seller. I wont blame ebay it was my fault getting caught up with life, not being able to respond to buyers, receiving negative feedback and so forth. I specialize in selling clothes and shoes, i get all types of condition clothing for a very low price profits are ranging for 15-100$ depending on the day and item. Whats the next step for me? How can i reach tons of people from my own website? But I don't even have a website. Since ive gotten the boot i still been making money but not as much. Im a hustler I can move the product but its been a little bit harder. I think me getting kicked off their has been the best thing that has happened to me... I want to go more independent.. Any suggestions?
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