Would you use an affordable VA service for your Startup?

Hey, I'm currently in the process of launching my own startup - a VA for startups.

A bit of promotional info here: we're a VA agency that caters to all kinds of business admin needs a Startup can have.

The types of tasks are: data entry (any type), research, contact/lead generation (the dirty one), CRM management, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, customer support, HR and Back Office creation/setup/management.

Enough about my business.

Would you use an agency for the administrative needs of a startup? The freelancing world opened a lot of cheap options, but it's not that easy to find quality there for a cheap price. It takes a lot of testing, etc. to find the right person for any job.

So, would you consider an agency to do your startup administration when you're at a point when your business really needs it?

I may be asking for a lot here, I've done my research:) But I don't mind asking more people for their honest opinion.

And would be glad to share my knowledge on how to optimise a lot of administrative tasks.
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