Bar Marketing Plan

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Use free android, iPhone apps to advertise your sports bar or pub.
Infographic ... enetration


  • AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    This infographic can apply not only to pubs. It's time when many industries may need mobile applications.
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    Very good point. There's a huge percentage of people in just about every market that research/perform their purchases (and where/who they do business with) primarily if not entirely through mobile means. A business without mobile optimization and strategies as a part of their marketing plan could be at a severe competitive disadvantage.
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    Here are some bar marketing ideas:
    Retweet/reply to people talking about your bar via Twitter.
    Respond to negative feedback.
    Post a photo of a special dish/drink.
    Hand out business cards or free sample items at a local hotspot.
    Share positive press on social media outlets.
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