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What went wrong?

Ju5t1n84Ju5t1n84 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2014 in Website Critique
Hello All!

First post here. As I consider embarking on a new project, I wanted to review my previous (first) attempt, to take the lessons and apply them to future projects.

The site I'm seeking feedback on is www.Bfashioned.com.

The problem - obviously there is no issue in getting people to a site through paid search engine advertising, but hits aren't translating to business. Possible causes are that people just don't understand the service, there isn't a market for our product, the site doesn't inspire trust or..... (you tell me).

The history - We put this together as a low capital (and hence low risk) opportunity, that we could manage as a side project. This was a bit of an experiment, to test the market and concept before serious investment, so we acknowledge the site is not ideal. But we were expecting to have a better response and conversion rate, especially at such low prices.

The concept - Maybe have a look at the site first and tell me if it's clear? We are making personal shoppers/ fashion advisors/ style consultants affordable, convenient and easily accessible, 24/7, by utilising mobile technology. Customers upload a photo of their outfit with questions, and an international consultant replies within 5-10 minutes. We provide people with guidance on how to look great... filling the gap between social/ unprofessional advice forums (that have huge delays) to the traditional consultant paid per hour. If you are laying down $200 for a new outfit, surely someone can justify $3.50 for professional advice?

Hoping for some constructive feedback...

Thanks in advance. I'll have to read through some other peoples posts to return the favour


  • jakepiercejakepierce subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello! Since you posted this to web design forum, first I'll give you some feedback. I love the layout that you have, user-friendly & minimal. The thing is, the color seemed too strong and not hurting to the eyes. Why not try pastel colors since your business is all about trendy fashion, pastels would be great. As for your question about conversions, you have to pay attention on targeting your audience. Focus on niche marketing.
  • AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    There isn't much information on this website, that's why it doesn't gain trust. Not enough graphics.
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