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Can I charge a fee for my knowledge?

autotechautotech subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Protecting Your Ideas
Most of my experience comes from working at
new car dealerships as an automotive technician.
With newer model vehicles becoming more computerized
I noticed a niche in the industry that wasn't being addressed.
So about four years ago I invested about 15k and started
a small home based business.
The first year my net income before taxes was about 40k
(more than I was making as an automobile technician.)
It's about 80k now and I only work 20-25 hours a week.

I have spent the last couple years putting together a
training program online that is password protected.
Even though this information is available other places,
I have structured it into a step by step format
based on my own business experience.

Several people have offered to pay me to train them.
Some have suggested that I sell franchises.
(The idea of starting a franchise doesn't interest me)

A few questions I have are:
1) Can I charge a fee to show someone else how to start
a business like mine?
2) Once I train them can they train someone else and charge a fee?
(Does it then become their knowledge?)
3) Other ideas how to duplicate my business in other areas?

Thanks for taking time to respond.


  • AriannaPhillipsAriannaPhillips subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Basically you can.

    Your idea will fall in a range of intangible rights of ownership in an asset. Your idea is automatically protected under the copyright law. Your copyright protects the source and object code, as well as certain unique original elements of the user interface. And as the owner you have the jurisdiction on how to use your software or online training program. You have the exclusive rights to copy the software, create derivative or modified versions of it, and distribute copies to the public by license, sale or otherwise. Anyone who copy or use your work without your permission can be sued for infringement.
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