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Secured Business Loan Programs

gretchenhillgretchenhill subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2015 in Startup Funding
One of the basic things about starting a business is the financial aspect. Without adequate financing, it would be impossible to start or manage a business. A lot of new business owners apply for bank loans but for people with bad credit history, this may not be an option.

A secured loan has much lower rates than non-secured loans. You can save more money if you choose to submit your home property as collateral for your loan. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the risks. Failing to keep up with your monthly loan payments can put your home property in danger.

If you have any questions regarding secured business loans, feel free to visit www.badcreditresources.com


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    ReneePhillipsReneePhillips subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Good everyone.
    My name Mrs, Renee Phillips, i am from USA CA , i am married, i have been searching for a genuine loan company for the past 2 years and all i got was bunch of scams who made me to trust them and at the end of the day, the took all my money and left me moneyless, all my hope was lost, i got confused and frustrated, i lost my job and find it very difficult to feed my family, i never wanted to do anything will loan companies on net anymore, so went to borrow some money from a friend, i told her all that happened and she said that she can help me, that she knows a loan company that can help me, that she just got a loan from them, he directed me on how to apply for the loan, i did as he told me, i applied, i never believed but i tried and to my surprise i got the loan in 24 hours, i could not believe my eyes, i am happy and rich today and i am thanking God that such loan companies like this still exist upon this fraud stars all over the places, please i advise everyone out there who are in need of loan to go for Mr. Robert .M. Clark Email via ; ( robert.clark071@gmail.com ). he did not know am doing this for him,but i just have to do it because a lost of people are out there who are in need for a loan., they will never fails, your life shall change as mine did.

    Thanks and Good Luck.
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    ashsummerashsummer subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    I borrowed money from the Bank of America to start up my business . They have a special lending program (here is the link - http://www.basicfinancialtips.com/bank- ... ess-loans/ ) to help you realize your business idea.
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