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Marketing Newbie!

shinds725shinds725 subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2014 in Marketing
Hey everyone,
I'm not new to online marketing however, when I first got into this crazy/amazing industry, it was a bit overwhelming for me. I didn't know the first thing about making new connections with people, or even how I was going to start branding myself. Who else has had that problem? Everything was all so very new to me but I loved every minute of it. As with anything in life, success takes time. Anywho before I start rambling, is there any new/struggling online marketers in this forum? If so, what's been your biggest obsticle thus far? To all the vets in this forum let's help others start seeing the success we have by offering some useful tips!


  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I'm not new to online marketing either. But I would like to share my struggles before when I first engage in online marketing, it has been a problem for me to get my business get top ranks on SERPs, gain social media fans/ followers and everything. But eventually I somehow learned its INs and OUTs and began reaping the fruit of my labor. Yeah you're right, success really takes time. Although I engaged in online marketing, I never forget to pay attention to offline marketing as well. I believe that in marketing, the focus shouldn't be just in ONLINE aspects but also OFFLINE. The good thing about offline marketing is that you can actually use your campaigns to boost your online marketing as well. Adding your website, email, social media profiles to your printed marketing tools such as your business cards, flyers and catalogs is a great way to let your prospect customers know that there are many ways to reach your business. Eventually, this will then drive traffic your website and even possible leads. An efficient collaboration of online & offline strategies will lead to a successful marketing campaign.
  • AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
  • ryantcryantc subscriber Posts: 0
    Here is a great article I've come across recently and wanted to add to this post... Marketing 101
  • EPICCreativestudioEPICCreativestudio subscriber Posts: 0
    Get out in the real world and try making connections. Join the Chamber of Commerce and meet people that way. From there you contact with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You then branch out from there and try to make real connections. 1000 page likes is worthless if no one buys from you.
    I would also recommend branding yourself so people will begin to recognize you and start to remember you. You will need to be in front of people many times in most cases before anything prosperous comes from the connection.
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