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jaiserabbasjaiserabbas Posts: 1subscriber
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Hey Professionals, I wanna start a new digital marketing services startup company with my personal name "JAISER" it's actually quite unique & interesting. But just wondering to know is it helpful or will give negative impact to my business? I just feel about to start it but looking a brand name. Help me to finalize the name or if you have any suggestions for a Digital Marketing Startup company would be appreciated


  • edward222edward222 Posts: 2subscriber
    One of the simplest technique in making a brand name, is that the brand name is related to your product
  • JonzyJonzy Posts: 0subscriber
    One word business names that have nothing to do with the actual business seem to be getting more an more popular. I would find out what comes up when you search "Jaiser" so you can gauge SEO challenges. The other consideration, depending on the pronunciation, can people spell your business name so they can find you?
  • HubDogHubDog Posts: 0subscriber
    I like it, but I'd probably coonsider "Jaiser Digital Marketing" as opposed to just the one word name so people will know what it means and it will help with SEO.
  • Road2SaleRoad2Sale Posts: 1subscriber
    Maybe consider making JAISER an abbreviation?
    This will make the brand name even more interesting and might help later when creating the logo.
    Also - it will help with SEO as well (from my experience it is hard to create a good SEO with a unique personal name)
  • StartupCoachStartupCoach Posts: 0subscriber
    I think it's fine to incorporate your identity, but the name should also easily convey exactly what you do. In a sea of a thousand competitors, you want prospective clients to be able to identify you are a business that offers the service they are looking for. When people can't instantly figure out what you do, it's kind of like a store with an expensive sign out front that doesn't tell you what they are selling!
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