Solo startup need advice

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Edit: I found a local SBDC I believe can help me more accurately, thanks to anyone who took the time to read this though.

Hello everyone, so I found this website in pursuit of getting some advice. I'm looking towards starting a business, kinda, by myself. Essentially, I'm looking to start an online store, maybe start with ebay but eventually get my own website (I'm a self-taught web developer, so making a website is simply a matter of time not money/skill). I have a professional email through my own domain, so I'm good there.

What I'm wondering is, what kind of licenses do I need? I'm doing this solo, so no employees or anything like that, I have researched and found some avenues for product and have a bit of money saved up I should be able to at least get a jump start. However, I'm unsure of what all licenses I need to get, if I need to register as a business or as something else? I've been trying to research this information, looking on my state's official website for applying for business licenses and such, but I've had little luck. I'm looking to buy bulk goods/broken goods (then repair) in the tech and video game fields, and resell online.

I live in Ohio, btw. I apologize if I've not been too clear, and I appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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