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Business, Tagline & Available Domain Name Contests

asadkhanasadkhan Posts: 1subscriber
edited January 2014 in Business Planning
Hey all, 
I'm the Founder & CEO of CopyShoppy.com, an online platform that hosts contests for startups and small businesses for their brand name, tagline, available domain name, product decriptions and more. 
I've noticed a lot of forum posts on StartupNation about entrepreneurs needing help coming up with their business name. Indeed, I also had this problem when I started my prior company, so I developed CopyShoppy.com as the solution. 
We have a large and robust community of talented copywriters on our platform. Basically the way it works is, you launch your contest, and copywriters enter you contest with the brand name, tagline, domain name or ad copy they feel is best suited for your industry and target market. You can then rate, eliminate, or provide feedback to inidividual copywriters and contest entries as you see fit. Each contest lasts 4 rounds, where you select finalists, and eventually a winner who submitted the best name, tagline or ad copy for your business. 
I've also priced each contest to fall under a startups budget. I hope this solution will help set the best foundation for your company's growth. 
If you have launched a contest on copyshoppy.com, or would like to discuss the platform, I'd love to hear your comments. 
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