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Direct Mail & Mailing Lists

UsedComputermanUsedComputerman subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2006 in Marketing
I started a new business 6 months ago and I am looking into purchasing a mailing list.  I have designed and ordered 5000 postcards.  I have about 300 existing contacts (former customers) and will send thru the local chamber of commerce, but I am not sure where to get further lists going forward. 
I took a quick look at SALESGENIE.COM (related to InfoUSA), does anyone have any experience with them?  Or other suggestions?
The contacts I am looking for are small business owners, network administrators and IT managers.


  • jimmuschettijimmuschetti subscriber Posts: 0
    I am currently using Salesgenie, it seems that about 80% of there list is current.  The thing I do not like about them is that you have to manually click each lead you want to download, and there is only 10 on a page.  So click, click..., next page.  I usually hire my son to do it.  Good luck!
  • tomasztomasz subscriber Posts: 14
    Hi,If you take a look at www.netsquirrel.com/powerpoint/internet.html, which is a website run by Patrick Crispen, you will find a great powerpoint presentation on designing online communities. In it he points out mailing lists.
  • jimbuckjimbuck subscriber Posts: 2
    try www.dnb.com</A> or the Direct Marketing Association for leads!
  • MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    Used Computer Man,
    What was your return rate on your direct mail? My clients usually receive a pretty high return rate using dnb mailing lists. We provide direct mail for postcards, flyers, and brochures. We do 5,000 printed for $199. Thats 2 sided full color with glossy on front and back. Anyhow, let me know how the rest of your marketing pans out. Always curious.
  • UsedComputermanUsedComputerman subscriber Posts: 1
    I got a good response from my first mailing of 1200.  I got about 20-25 contacts from that.  But this list included some of my old customers from my last job who knew me (about 300 in the list) so that may have changed the results.  Two weeks ago I did another mailing using a mailing and list company in Detroit Michigan.  Sent 900 and only got 3 responses.  Not the type of return I was hoping for...
  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    I am looking to start a DM marketing campaign for my company too.  I am watching this thread.  What`s a good return for a DM campaign these days?  Once you bought the list, can you keep sending your promotional material to the list? 
  • lowcostmailinglowcostmailing subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Jason5yuan!
    Most of what I read places a good DM response rate in the 2% range, give or take a half point, although well designed B2B DM can hit 5% according to some studies. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the right list and the right offer made with the right pitch.
    If you buy a list, remember that the information on most lists gets old fast, which is why some DMer`s prefer to rent lists, rather than buy them.
    A good way to start is to test a part of the list with a small mailing (maybe just postcards) to see if the list gets you a reply rate you want. Sometimes a second test with a different pitch can help clarify how good a list might be for you.
    Important to remember when pricing Direct Mail options is that it is not necessarily the cost per piece mailed, but the cost per new customer obtained, that tells you if DM is working for you. Finally, you have to factor the cost per new customer against what kind of revenue a new customer might provide your business to determine ultimately if DM is a cost effective strategy for you.
    Hope this helps.lowcostmailing2006-11-30 17:56:11
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