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Converting HTML to pdf format?

storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
Does anyone know of a quick/cheap way to convert HTML docs to pdf`s? I am currently bringing screenshots into Illustrator, editing and exporting to pdf. This time-consuming and I`m not crazy about the results.
Also, how can I create a PDF doc that creates additional oages for longer documents. I`m using an old version of Illustrator (8.0) and to my knowledge, it won`t allow you to do this.
I`m trying to provide printable instructions - maybe there is even a better way to do this?
I would appreciate any suggestions!


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    yep see if you can print to a pdf. Just like you were going to print the document I think it`s adobe 995 or something like that.
    try this:
    97&rssToddF2007-8-24 14:38:43
  • olegoleg subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    You need a piece of software called a "PostScript printer driver".  When you install it on your computer, you can print any file directly to a PDF, the same way you would print to an actual paper printer.
    PDF995 that Todd mentioned above is a good one!
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank you both soooo much!! I downloaded pdf995 and it worked great! This will save me so much time, it`s ridiculous.
    I`m off to replace my very lame (and large) pdf file with the new one now!
    Thanks again. It`s so great to have a place to come for help when you need it. Even these little things seem like huge problems when you`re clueless .
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Good link, Todd - I`ll definitely check that out. I usually use PDF online to convert a lot of stuff.www.pdfonline.comJust posting another option.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks Christina - good to know!
    BTW, I read your post about the being a `big sister`! I didn`t have a recipe  but I wanted to let you know how admirable I think that is. Please let us know how it goes with your `little sis`!!
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks Melissa! I haven`t yet met her. I actually haven`t heard from them since they first called to tell me they had a potential match for me. So I`m kind of ready to get on the move, and might call this week to prod them a bit Thanks Christina - good to know!
    BTW, I read your post about the being a `big sister`! I didn`t have a recipe  but I wanted to let you know how admirable I think that is. Please let us know how it goes with your `little sis`!!
  • SparkleGirlSparkleGirl subscriber Posts: 2
    Great pdf resources - thanks so much!
  • InnerMonkeyInnerMonkey subscriber Posts: 0
    I prefer Cute PDF over PDF995.  It works just as well without the annoying ads suggesting you upgrade to a paid version everytime you use it.http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank you all for the great suggestions! I knew I could count on my fellow SUNers to help me out in a jam.
    Dan- I will check OpenOffice out - sounds interesting! Of course, anything FREE is very interesting to me ;0)
    InnerMonkey - Thanks! If I get sick of the ads, I`ll definately switch over. And who wouldn`t want a Cute PDF?! Gosh, now that I think of it, I`d probably buy alot more `Cute` things...what else do they have?! I`m a sucker for anything mini too...might be a girl thing
  • florinflorin subscriber Posts: 0
    If you want something windows based I think you can take the HTML to PDF converter library for .NET from http://www.winnovative-software.com</A>. You can be build your own application or you can use the demo one. 
    All the conversion can be done in a few lines for C# code:
           // Create the PDF converter. Optionally you can specify the virtual browser         // width as parameter. 1024 pixels is default, 0 means autodetect        PdfConverter pdfConverter = new PdfConverter();        // set the license key        pdfConverter.LicenseKey = "P38cBx6AWW7b9c81TjEGxnrazP+J7rOjs+9omJ3TUycauK+cLWdrITM5T59 hdW5r";        // set the converter options        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.PdfPageSize = PdfPageSize.A4;        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.PdfCompressionLevel = PdfCompressionLevel.Normal;        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.PdfPageOrientation = PDFPageOrientation.Portrait;        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.ShowHeader = false;        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.ShowFooter = false;        // set to generate selectable pdf or a pdf with embedded image        pdfConverter.PdfDocumentOptions.GenerateSelectablePdf = selectablePDF;
            // Performs the conversion and get the pdf document bytes that you can further         // save to a file or send as a browser response        byte[] pdfBytes = pdfConverter.GetPdfFromUrlBytes(urlToConvert);
  • avincoavinco subscriber Posts: 0
    It`s so abundant to accept a abode to appear for advice if you charge
    it. Even these little things assume like huge problems if you`re
    clueless .
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