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Dating web site creation information

LipstickmogulLipstickmogul subscriber Posts: 6
edited August 2007 in Building A Website That Works
I recently posted on this subject and got some useful information. I found ready-to-use site builders for this but I do not think my computer has the capability of handling the volume that this site would demand (although I can buy a new one)- nor do I personally have the time with owning two other companys (one in startup)  and running a horse farm, and attempting to have a peronal life. Would anyone with experience in such a high volume activity site know which direction to go with this company? Hire a web master/designer to maintain? Take on a partner?  Get the software myself and start that way and get it on line to begin with on search engines, etc.  How about when I get to the point of advertising on radio, other media?  I think it will move very quickly (and no- it is not related to the equine industry)  As you can see, I am in the very formative stages at this time, although it is something I have been thinking about for a couple of years. Additionally, when hiring someone, ie: webmaster to maintain your site, how do you keep control, as well as you customers, clients, etc.- so no one steals from your base, or idea, without physically hiring someone to come to my office...or would this be advantageous?confidentiality agreements, etc?  I know about patents, etc., with products but I am not clear on web sites or ideas such as this. No one has done this idea in this section of the population for a dating site.
Will wait for much needed immediate input!  Robin 


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Wow - that`s a lot of questions Robin!  Where to start - I guess for me the question that precedes all of the other ones is why your dating site is going to be different?  Working in a startup environment, I never believe everything has been done, but in the online dating world you`re running up against some diverse and well-established business models, whether it`s all of the portals, eHarmony, Match, and all of the social networking sites (which didn`t start out focused on dating, but they`re likely sucking up a lot of that business).So how do you differentiate your offering from these huge players with huge budgets?  Given that you`re focused on more tactical issues, I`m assuming you`ve taken care of this, but it would be helpful if you could share anything about that aspect of the business before everyone weighs in with strategies to help grow the business.
  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi Robin
    Re Online Dating Site
    Robin I am moving house now so I have not got much time. I will be offline from tomorrow for about 3 weeks.
    Robin do your research.
    Simce 1980 I have designed dating, introduction agency, and matchmaking software.
    See http://www.aselectchoice.com.au/Gm/whitepagesblog.html</A>
    Robin also see information
    More Information ....  Press Release
    Regards Michael Clayton (rexiedexie)
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    True, there are a few ready made scripts to create a dating site. So, essentially the only web design work would be to modify those programs to create the "look" you want for your dating website.  Unless you are going to need some special programing to manuipulate your database information.
    Usually, your computer`s capacity is not a factor because your website would be hosted by a web host. It is possible to host a website on your computer, but you would need a more capabilities than most people have including internet connection, redundentcy, back-up...etc.
    As far as control...hiring a webmaster to design the site  - the designer has a specific task with an end. Hiring someone to manage the site is different and you would define that person`s responsibilities. Certainly, you can have a contractualy agreement with anyone you hire that "protects" and specifies the ownership of the site and its` data.
    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.. or PM me. It`s a little hard to provide specific answers without knowing more specifics
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