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The Next Generation of "Websites" for Businesses?

Josh244Josh244 subscriber Posts: 2
To be honest, it seems like the traditional "website" is starting to phase out. The reason is simple: THE CONTENT IS STATIC!!! With all the social networking sites on the web, information is being created faster than people can absorb it. You used to be able to get away with a website that read, "last updated 4 months ago," but I think that will be less and less the case as time goes on.So what are your options? You can learn HTML, or hire a web designer and pay him to update your site weekly or bi-weekly, or you can make use of the FREE social-networking platforms that are already out there. Try these three to start:MYLOCALSPOT - Like a MySpace, but for businesses. Easy to use site lets you upload pictures, contact info, business description, current specials and a products/services list. Update it at any time and keep your customers up-to-date.WORDPRESS - Let`s you create a blog and prove that you`re an "expert" in your field. Great to backlink from (if you can get some traffic and good content). Templates are available everywhere, so u can make your blog`s appearance relate to your business. Keep it updated!SQUIDOO - Create your own "lens" (a.k.a. webpage). Customize it and talk about your business. Edit it`s look and feel and use it to keep customers up-to-date.


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    newwardnewward subscriber Posts: 0
    Social web marketing is a fabulous way to promote your business - and even a better tool to promote your own web site.  It`s better to start with your own domain - and incoporate the social web site marketing into your plan.  There are a ton of free places to set up a web page to position yourself as an expert in your field and move traffic to your own site. 
    You will have a higher profit marging working off your own domain.. By all means use all the free tools out there - but position your site in the middle of it all.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    I agree social networking sites are great and a great way to promote your product/service/yourself and the hottest way to spread the word.
    The effective way to use such sites is to promote, create some buzz... not to use them as your only/main website presence.
    There is value in having your own domain name and website rather than a subset of squidoo, youtube, etc.
    ~Rolandvwebworld2007-7-5 15:37:22
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    Josh244Josh244 subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig,  You`re 100% right that personal websites will never go away, and there will always been those people who are better at designing sites than others...my point was simply that static content sites are phasing out (i.e. the traditional "billboard sites") as people become more online savvy.  I just wanted to point out some alternatives for people to take note of before they just throw in the towel and decide that they can`t keep up with how fast content is updated these days.
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    ideaGENERATORideaGENERATOR subscriber Posts: 4
    Traditional websites will never fade out. They are great for bringing awareness to your group, products or service.  You don`t change those often, so you don`t need to update info about them that often.  It is more of an online brochure of your business.
    Now if you are an online business, it is a different story and you do need to update often just to compete and get traffic.
    I like how you plugged MYLOCALSPOT since its your website. I like how you bash traditional websites, but yoursite promotes people to register a profile/page which will become static anyway.
    In the end, CraigL is totally right.  No matter whether you own a website or post on another site or blog - it all comes down to one thing; content.
    If you have a product to sell, you are not going to sell on a social-community site, you only use those for promotion.  You would still need your "traditional website."
    Do you have a point besides to check out your website?
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    Josh244Josh244 subscriber Posts: 2
    I don`t have a good photo!
    It`s true though, I need to take one...
    P.S. can we add some more social networking sites to the list? I love hearing about them...especially newer ones!
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Today I removed my "blog" from my website! I just don`t add new content to it consistently. I don`t have time to research and properly write articles about the environment, world wages and what it takes to employ fairly, in a global economy and all those other unresolved "earth first" issues. It doesn`t matter what my stance is, I want my blog to provide quality content and information. Information people are searching for... they want to learn. They don`t want to hear about "my thoughts" unless I am well educated (high level college degree) on the subject.So. It`s gone! Now my website is nearly 100% static. It`s an online catalog. That`s really what it was intended to be anyway. It`s not intended to be "your news center" on things earthborn & handmade.I too believe there is a process to everything. There are instances when static pages fulfill every need of the viewer. It`s all comes down to effectively getting your key differentiator in the mind of the customer within seconds. It`s all about better communication.These websites offering to make you rich with part time efforts are all being exposed for who they are... it`s not quality communicating because the listener never really gets anything in return for the time & sometimes money, spent.People are smart... eventually. The old viewers know it`s a trap. They are sharing it with their friends. Eventually, that trap will rarely work. There will be a new trap later... but really... The next generation of website will look similar as today. It will just be easier and faster to communicate through.
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    smartsitessmartsites subscriber Posts: 5
    Yes static websites are worthless but so many small businesses have them. What we have found is instead of trying to convince businesses to redo their websites is to start a business profile and add dynamic content as well as link to the static website. At least they are bringing traffic from the social network which also promotes their static website. OnMyCity.biz is one that does this very well.
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    LendarLendar subscriber Posts: 0
    The next generation of websites are those optimized for mobile devices.
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