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Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
edited May 2006 in Marketing
Good morning, AllIn preparation for my relocation to the new state, I`ve been pondering the details my business cards and website will contain when I "set up shop".  Aside from the basic contact info (name, phone, fax, email, etc.), the thought occurred to me whether or not to put my address on the cards and website.  As with most business owners, I will project a professional (and fun) image and would like to be taken seriously.  However, while I know some people embrace working from home and all the flexibility the 21st century offers, there are those who are put off by owners who operate from home.  Additionally, as a new wedding and events planner, I do not anticipate having an immediate need to lease office space and will more than likely be meeting potential clients at their home or other location.  I will have a home office that will be designed to receive clients, if necessary (but remain mindful of safety issues).Putting myself in the client`s position, I know I would be very curious to receive a business card that contained no address.  What information did/will you include on your business card and website, if you`re business is home-based?Many thanks for your input


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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    For my own home-based business - which I have operated for the last 26 years -  I have never had my home address on my business card for several reasons.  The biggest is that sales reps and potential vendors are always seeking out individuals in my industry as possible clients.  I don`t want them just showing up at my home office at all hours.  I also don`t use my home for client meetings and don`t need clients interrupting my work during business hours or infringing on my personal life because they know where I live.  The major issue these days is one of security.  My business requires a great deal of very expensive equipment and, with a big Internet presence, I don`t want potential "bad guys" knowing the location of my home.  The security issue is also something I always stress for individuals, particularly women, operating a business out of their homes.  If you are using your home address on your cards - and on your web site - many people may know that you are a home-based business and that you work by yourself.  It becomes a matter of personal safety with all the "wackos" out there.I have always used a PO Box as my business address.  It has never impacted the professionalism of my business.  My sister has always used a mail-drop business for her mailing address - which provides her a local street address for use on all her business collateral and a place for FedEx/UPS to deliver packages.I have also designed a great many business cards without addresses for independent business owners.  One photographer just used his name and phone number (this card has won several major design awards).  I recently saw a card that had just the zip+four as their address - so the individual`s actual mailing address was on the card without showing the street address. - J.
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    BizAtTheBeachBizAtTheBeach subscriber Posts: 0
    What`s your thoughts on my situation, I have a local referral business (home based) and am thinking about making two sets of business cards, one with my personal info including my street address (a P.O. box takes away the credibility of being a community expert), and another with my services and contact info but no street address, just city name?  The second would be given out to everyone and be more of a marketing tool and the first would be given to those that I meet personnally.  It is very important for me to have local credibility as opposed to a mail drop or P.O. Box.
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    OfficeSpaceJeffOfficeSpaceJeff subscriber Posts: 0
    As they say, perception is everything.
    Your prospective clients aren`t stupid, if you leave out the address on your business card or if your address is 123 Red Tulip Lane, they`ll know right away that you`re a home-based business.
    Now you may be very proud of the fact that you work at home and you may rightly think that your skills and experience should speak for themselves, but unfortunately not everyone looks at it that way.
    Many people still feel that being home-based, means that you are not serious about your business or maybe you do this part-time or maybe you`re in between jobs and will disappear in a few months or maybe you`re just not that great at what you do because if you were that great you should be able to afford a real office.
    It`s hard enough trying to win new business and new customers - don`t put unnecessary roadblocks in your way.
    Now for the easy and relatively inexpensive solution.
    There`s something called virtual office space.  Basically you get to "rent" a prestigious address in your community that you can have your mail delivered to (if you want they`ll forward your mail to your home address).  This is the business address that you will put on your business cards.  You can also get a phone #, telephone answering services, use of a conference room or "real" office for several hours per month to meet clients (if you need that), etc.  Depending on where you are located geographically, the cost ranges from a low of $50/month (bare bones) to a high of about $350/month for a Park Avenue address in Manhattan with all the frills.
    Now here`s the good part.  This is exactly what my company Offices2share.com does (http://www.offices2share.com</A>).  We are a third party search engine for short-term, ready-to-use office space and virtual office space throughout the U.S.
    Just go to our website and do a search in your area for Executive Suites - we have locations listed with us in hundreds of cities.
    Once you complete your search and get to the listings in your area, click on the link that says "View Contact Information".  Please fill out that short form (that`s how we track who we refer to our listors and that`s how we get paid.  It costs you nothing to use our website).  Once you submit the form, the form will disappear and you will see all the contact info for that location.  Go ahead and give them a call, tell them what you need and they`ll give you their prices.
    I normally don`t go for self promotion in these forums, but since the question was asked, I thought it was appropriate in this case to offer our possible solution.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Thanks - Jeff.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Cre8tive,As far as I can remember I never cared to put my address on my business Card. I do have my www on in though. Basically what I do is I make them goto my web site. if they want to find out where I am located. Specially now, I am always on the road. My office is my car and StarBucks. I have a VOIP phone that I can connect to any LAN connection and have a dial tone just about anywhere. This helps me alot because I don`t have to be at the office all the time to get my calls.
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    Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
    Thanks to everyone for your input!  You have provided much "food for thought".  Many thanks
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    BizAtTheBeachBizAtTheBeach subscriber Posts: 0
    Excellent suggestion Tawnya, thanks.
    Jeff, Great points also and I have looked into a virtual office and it is a possibility as my business grows in the future, but right now I don`t have a need and a local mailing address is my really what I`m looking for.
    Thanks again,
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