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individualistindividualist subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2006 in Website Critique
Hi All,This is my first post.
Been listening to Startup Nation for a while on KTTH radio here in
Seattle. I`m a web developer and I`ve always considered launching a
series of website`s to be the the "smartest" approach for
me the launch a Startup. My first website came out of a little
productivity tool I built for myself. It lets users setup daily goals
(workout, study, cold call, etc) and then track their progress on
each goal with a single click. Every other app I`ve played with was
too complex so I built something that doesn`t require users to waste
valuable brain power on the tracking part of accomplishing their
goals. It uses all the latest Web 2.0 goodstuff like Ajax and such.

I launched it yesterday and went from 5
beta testers to 140 users in less than a day. I think just about
anyone (especially the entrepreneurial type) will be able to get a
lot out of the app so I invite you all to take a look:


Please let me know if you have any
feedback or ideas to improve the site. I`m also looking for great
(cheap!) marketing ideas.




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    watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Hi - and welcome to Sun.... the only cheap marketing idea I know of is
    direct marketing with post cards. Cheap to buy and mail out. But the
    best one absolutely is word of mouth. Treating each customer like they
    are very important to the success of your business which they
    are.  I have read time and time again how it costs you around 5
    times or more in advertising to replace one existing customer. Thats a
    lot of money plus think about all the other customers you missed after
    a neglected customer starts talking to their friends and neighbors
    about your bad service ...

    Anyway, I love your site - just signed up so I guess I`m #141....This is a very
    handy tool for me since I am one of those persons that writes a lot of
    notes, very visual.  Plus its a cute thing to use as your computer
    wallpaper or just
    leave it there on your screen  so you can see it during the day
    and start clicking away as you accomplish your daily tasks !

    Thanks for a helpful business and home tool
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    theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Hey--I signed up, too. Cool site and great idea.As far as cheap marketing ideas, my advice is... plug, plug, plug...Once you get some feedback and feel confident with it, I`d try to contact some people at fitness and lifestyle magazines.
    Welcome to SuN!
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    melcoachmelcoach subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Ian, great concept! In my line of work, I`m always looking for great productivity tools -- I wish there was a way to intergrate your online resource into Outlook. I`d snap it up for all my clients. I have a goals program that I give my clients as part of their mentoring program.
    Re: cheap (or as I like to call it, high ROI with low investment) marketing strategies.
    Have you considered writing a 3 - 5 articles about your area of expertise, tieing in your product information, and then submitting to online article submission sites? I`ve found it to be a very low-cost and high return strategy. Be sure to include a savvy resource they can check out for free.
    Wishing you success!
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