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Grab and Hold the online visitor --> Customer

charlierobotcharlierobot subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Marketing
Hi all
I am in the midst of launching my Website Statistical Toolkit (Search Engine Marketing) which helps websites understand their customers better and to increase traffic from search engines.
I would be gratefull if you could give me some thoughts.


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    I`ve mentioned this before, but if you`re at all involved in analytics, it`s best to purge the term `hits` from your vocabulary.  It has a definitive meaning, and little relevance in actual website analytics (I`m referring to the http://www.charlierobot.com/register.php page on the site).  And it leaves an open question about your pricing model - are you talking about raw visits to the site, or unique visitors?  I`m assuming it`s visits, but it would help to spell that out. As a consumer, I`d bail out of the purchase process right there (and I am your target audience, having purchased a number of analytics programs from very basic to enterprise-level).
  • charlierobotcharlierobot subscriber Posts: 1
    yeap, I agree.  In terms of traffic I always think UNIQUE as in the real world you count footfall figures not the number of times the frozen food sections has been visited by anyone.
    But yes clarification is totally required.
    The old Charlie Robot website which I had was so professional and great looking but its conversion rate was not good.  Thats why I went back to bacics and made everything as simple as possible to ensure people know what I was doing.
  • charlierobotcharlierobot subscriber Posts: 1
    basically I am looking for some investment of approx 10-20k to push my product on to the North American small enterprise market.
    So if you are interested call or email me - [email protected]</A> | +46739888130
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