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Free Essay “Psychology of Internet Communication in APA style” With the goal of revealing the characteristics (criterion of choice) which are most appealing for young men and women in their virtual partners 15 males and 15 females were tested with a questionnaire. The choice was made within such characteristics as: honesty, equity, reliability, patience, good communicational skills, trust, faith in the individual’s possibilities, tendency to doubt, confidence, frankness, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, ability to accept the fact that the individual is wrong, strive to make other people happy, ability to sympathize with other people, patience to shortcomings, strive to help everybody, openness, delicacy and tractability. The next results were obtained: the most important characteristic of an “emotionally valuable” virtual partner is reliability (83%).This characteristic is the most favorable for the formation of the interpersonal emotional connection with the partner of an opposite gender. Full analysis offers the next variables and data concerning their importance: 76% – trust 73% – frankness, 67% – strive to make other people happy, ability to sympathize with other people, patience to the shortcoming, responsiveness 63% – patience 60% – delicacy 57% ability to accept the fact that the individual is wrong 53% – openness and faith in the individual’s possibilities 43% – tractability 40% – thoughtfulness, 37% – honesty and confidence 33% – equity 23% – tendency to doubt, strive to help other people. From the identified characteristics such qualities as tractability, thoughtfulness, honesty and confidence,equity, tendency to doubt and strive to help other people make the process of virtual communication more complicated or do not have any value for the individuals engaging internet communication with people belonging to the opposite sex. On the other hand such characteristics as reliability, trust frankness, to make other people happy, ability to sympathize with other people, patience to the shortcoming, responsiveness, patience, delicacy, ability to accept the fact that the individual is wrong, openness and faith in the individual’s possibilities are actually the dominants in the process of formation of the interpersonal emotional relations between “virtual partners”. It is important to notice the fact that such characteristics as honesty is among one of the most not important and not valuable characteristics along with confidence. The results speak for themselves as they state that the tested young men and women consider the ability of the partner to listen to them and to support them emotionally to be one of the most important traits in a “virtual partner”. It goes without saying that there is a definite difference between the male and the female choices (Morman,1988). The male results state that the top three characteristic of the ideal virtual partner are: 1. reliability 2. trust, frankness, the strive to the others happy 3. communicational skills, patience to shortcomings. The results of the female investigational group make up the next top three qualities: 1. reliability, responsiveness 2. trust 3. patience, frankness and ability to sympathize with other people. Virtual communication from year to year becomes a more and more integral part of the life of each individual belonging to the age of youth. Social consequences of this phenomenon are very important and this importance will grow from year to year. The given psychological analysis reveals the criteria of choice of the virtual partner and the formation of strong emotional contact with him. Virtual communication among people of the adolescent age dictates certain criteria of choice of the partner. It is virtual communication that can be called the premise of the appearance of the feeling of “emotional proximity” of the virtual partners of opposite sexes. In other words, virtual communication casts away the evaluation of physical attractiveness of the partner to the “backstage” and reveals the perfect spot for the spiritual world of the partner. Contemporary culture has made an immense accent on physical attractiveness. As a consequence the “cult of body” has been formed. Therefore, virtual communication provides the individual with the possibility to emotionally evaluate the person, to be more open, frank, destroys the physical factor. The strive of the individuals of the adolescent age to create emotional connection with opposite sex partners may be interpreted as a result of the insufficient amount of emotional “colors” in real life.


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