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  • An LLC, we have our EIN as well as the Dunn`s number. I just wasn`t sure how it was possible to get credit on the business unless you either a.) used the EIN number for the company as well for your personal b.)if you used the Dunn`s number for your …
  • Builder thanks for the reply, thats good to know and we thank you for your honest thoughts. Ill try it out and get back with you! Thanks again, 
    in Funding Comment by phil07 November 2007
  • I have read about it , thats why i ask if it was a scam. Of coarse its hard to know whos trying to sell and whos just giving good advice. Thats why i gave it a shot to see what your reply might be. The site tells you nothing about how it works, in a…
    in Funding Comment by phil07 November 2007
  • is this a scam? how does this work ?
    in Funding Comment by phil07 November 2007
  • That would be nice, and I would only do the terms for 3yrs at around 1500 a mnth. That would be a lot better than where im standing right now! Where can i get that kind of deal?
  • Thanks Rob. If i could borrow from the company, which I could but thats when it would put the business in a pinch. It doesn`t have that kind of capital to lend without operating. However, if we was able to get a loan, line of credit of some sort, im…
  • may i ask what you are wanting to do? i might be able to help?
  • some of those credit card companies you listed, you still have to use your PG in order to apply for them. or am i not going about it in the right way?