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  • Wow thanks!  I will get right on it.
  • There is a logical approach to this.  First off you want the domain name to be the same as your biz.  Stick with a .com (dont bother with .net .us or anything else).  Should be short and should describe your actual biz.  I dont know how to describe …
  • Don,I think SSL client certs are a great idea; but I. am not sure how to get the idea off of the ground (i.e. how to get people to want to install them, setting up a CA, etc.)  Have you successfully done this in your test environment?Regards,-mmich…
  • What can I offer?I can insure corporate security...make sure competitors are not finding out our trade secrets.  I can get our competitors products and reverse engineer them.  I can get information about our competitors that normal people can not.  …
  • What if we created a website that allows groups of people to colaborate on business ideas and keep the group very organized.  This is exactly what our group needs!!!
  • Here are my top votes:  WE CAN COME UP WITH BETTER IDEAS THEN THESE COME ON STARTUP NATION!!!  LETS GET INNOVATIVE.1-e. 5-a5-b5-d8-a. 8-b. 18   23 
  • I still say whatever we do we ride a trend wave.  Meaning we know where some trends are going others are harder to predict.  The baby boomer generation is an easy one to target....too easy.  Thats why everyones doing it.  Other less obvious trends i…
  • Count me in!!! This sounds really cool!!  Obviously we have limited business ideas that would actually work.  Of course we could do something like use a wiki to write a book together.  Something we could all relate to say...."starting a business"  a…
  • I am a security expert and can answer any questions regarding business, IT, espionage, identity theft, social engineering,....SECURITY.What is the current status on this virtual business?