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How Pinterest Marketing Tips Can Benefit From SEO?

msujoymsujoy subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

Social networking sites have stormed the Internet.

The latest in the league is the popular photo-sharing site called Pinterest.

Barely two years old, Pinterest allows users to create “whiteboards” or virtual bulletin boards and capture images on them to share on the social network.

Below, I am sharing with you an informative infographic explaining the evolution of Pinterest in the Social Media world.

Like other social media sites, Pinterest has great potential for search engine optimization.

Businesses that improve social media presence for higher SEO rankings can use different Pinterest marketing strategies to promote their marketing goals.

Improve your SEO results with Pinterest Marketing

Here are some Pinterest marketing tips that can bring huge SEO benefits to your business:

People love visual content.

Each captured image has a link to the image source.

So capturing a product image, infographics, or data presentation based on the product will drive interested users to your site and lead to conversions.

In addition, users can save the image to various billboards to share the image easily and quickly to improve the online visibility of your site.

Because Pinterest is like a social bookmarking site, it’s easier to develop effective marketing tactics to attract traffic for higher conversions and ROI.

You can also share your visual content on Pinterest by adding a Pin-It button to the visual content on your site.

So, for this instance, I personally like to implement a Tailwind Extension Browser for Google Chrome which helps me to capture any image on the web which I would like to pin on any of my Pinterest Boards.

This increases brand recognition and attracts the target audience.

You can also use the Pinterest follow button to view other social media accounts.

You can engage your loyal customers with your Pinterest marketing campaign by selecting a few regular customers and creating a keyboard, especially for taps.

Then ask them to capture images that reflect their lifestyle as they use your brand.

You can create a visually appealing page to follow your site’s followers and use it to display your Pinterest content.

For example, Nine West did this, brought social media content to its website, and made it more accessible by inserting social sharing buttons that allow visitors to directly record this page.

Success with Pinterest Social Marketing

There are some professionals who can come up with internet marketing ideas that you have never thought of.

Find a professional SEO firm that handles social media marketing.

By applying the right strategies, you can maximize the benefits of search engine optimization from your Pinterest marketing campaign.

However, Pinterest has its drawbacks.

Why is that so?

Unlike other social marketing sites, Pinterest is unable to create a separate brand page.

And to be honest with you, this is quite a challenge.

How do you create a marketing page without looking like a marketing page?

Because visitors don’t always know that the link that they clicked through links from a business is probably not the most relevant link they are looking for.

To learn about this, use Google analytics to tell your potential customer the referral path.

From here, you can determine whether or not Pinterest referrals are interested customers or accidental visitors.

Another disadvantage is the audience that Pinterest attracts.

According to Hubspot, 83% of Pinterest visitors are women aged 18-34.

Demographically attractive business types are designing, fashion, and home decorations.

B2B businesses will find it difficult to build their audience with Pinterest.

To Wrap Up...

Pinterest can be a valuable marketing tool for businesses that meet retail customers, attract a lot of women, and make their glasses exciting.

Usually, Pinterest effectively takes time and commitment to create visually exciting boards.

Remember to track your submissions to determine if Pinterest’s recommendations are of the quality you want.

In the right way, utilizing the right business, Pinterest can be a huge asset tool in your marketing toolbox.

Hope this helps!



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