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Hello. My name is Emilian Gaganelov and I need your help. This funding is not about me, it's far beyond this idea. The help I need is about a vision, about people having the opportunity to learn how to achieve freedom and live their dreams. I have developed online education platform, where I teach people how to become great and escape the 9-5 prison. I will explain you how my school is working, where I am right now with the project and from where I am coming.

If you resonate with my message, please help me achieve this vision. A vision that came during and after 5 amazing Ayahuasca journeys on a beautiful island of Kauai. Shortly after I started developing the online School for Travelers, where I put my knowledge in the marketing field. The school is structured by 3 main parts. In part number one I provide a consultation with my students, where I give them ideas how they can structure online business using their hobby and skills. Part number two is where students are going through more than 70 step-by-step videos, where I teach them everything they need to build a highly successful online business. I show them different tools, share strategies and training resources. In part number three, I personally work with my students in live sessions, on our private social hub platform, where we can share, message and learn from each other. I have building the platform for more than one year. I have my first students and believe I can build a big community around this project. I am looking forward bringing more mentors on the platform and expanding the knowledge that people can come and consume. I am very happy with what I have achieved and where I am going in life. Because helping other people transform is a beautiful path. I came to a point in my life where many events happened and I got drained very fast. Right now I need help to bring exposure of the school and connect with many people. I have already collaboration with industry experts from different fields, that supported my school and helped with the project to move on, but it's not enough. I hope you see the vision is beyond "building the school", it's about ""the school impacting people's life." This world can be a better place. Aloha!

~ Emilian


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