Should I work from home or get an office?

realonebizschlrealonebizschl subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Should I work from home or get an office?

Working from home seems stress-free and fun,

but you can easily get distracted, and this could also limit your productivity.

While working from an office gives a feeling of being at work,

and this will increase your productivity.

It's always advisable to work from an office environment.

To help you minimize your start-up capital, you can start from a serviced office or even a dedicated desk.


  • Millionaireat25Millionaireat25 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    I think working from home is best only if you own your business even I used to think working from is impossible and stop when meet with someone who taught me for free to start my own business and if you want to be helped I can help you

  • RicheHolderRicheHolder USAsubscriber Posts: 1 Member

    If you think that your productively will not decrease by working from home then it is the best option. In my case, I can't do work from home that why I setup a new office last month. 

  • DiligenceDiligence subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    For the moment I definitely think working from home is the best way to go.

    There are many companies who are telling there employees to work from home for their own safety.

    An online business is my best advice to start looking into in order to get some passive income for these difficult times.

    Theres more info but it's not letting me post the link for you to take a look at it.

  • GoldenEggLadyGoldenEggLady subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    Why not organize your office at home? So that nothing distracts you, set yourself specific deadlines - a time when you are focused only on your work. If you still choose to work remotely (not in the office), you will have to work hard on your time management skills.

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