Entrepreneur's Procrastination

Trang BuiTrang Bui subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Hi all the entrepreneurs out there, just want to know for those of you who finally started your business/ side hustle after a few years of thinking about it, what was the 'final straw'?

And what were the main reasons why you didn't do it sooner?


  • David WoodDavid Wood Canadasubscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    The reason I don,t do it sooner is that i want to gain some experience in my field so that I can work more effectively and have basic information about my work.

  • Trang BuiTrang Bui subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    @davidwood thanks for your reply. May I ask you what field/market you are running your business in?

  • Trang BuiTrang Bui subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    @Ruskin I totally get you on this. Experience never came to until I decide to push myself out of comfort zone and embrace the problems and thus, seeking solutions. I was just really hoarding a lot of knowledge but never used it for any good cause. May I ask you how are you doing with you business? And do you have personal advice/experience on how to just embrace that entrepreneurial idea?

    Thank you.

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