How do you master productivity ?

I was wondering how do you folks stay productive and efficient during the day?


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    I have a routine that begins when I first wake up in the morning through the first hour - it's gratitude awareness, coffee, read something inspiring (I am reading Social Animal by David Brooks right now) then yoga (15mins) meditate (10 mins) morning pages (10 mins). I do this everyday without thinking or compromise - this primes me for the rest of my day. I don't even have to think about it. I do it especially when I don't feel like it. This is the way I start off my day by stepping right into my power.

    I also use Asana (online project management website) to organize my tasks for the day and prioritize so I start with the hardest thing first and the brain challenging stuff before noon. That's my best time.

    Answering email, errands, other work that is more routine - I schedule for the afternoon.

    Evening is for my family unless on a deadline.

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    Totally I'm agree with you!

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    Hey @Tom_D!

    Great topic you have asked. Everyone has different perceptions regarding being productive. I would like to tell you about mine. I use productivity apps such as Any.Do, EverNote, CloudApp, DropBox, Calender. Moreover, health apps for instance, Samsung Health and Galaxy Wear.

    Also, I read some motivational content on internet to stay positive and relaxed.

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