4 Ways to Overcome a Plateau and Reignite Your Passion

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image4 Ways to Overcome a Plateau and Reignite Your Passion

Here are four tips to help you move past your plateau in order to reignite your passion and restart your business growth.

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  • SolaSola Posts: 1subscriber Member

    This was so great!! Super helpful and on time.

  • Javin4manJavin4man Posts: 1subscriber Member

    As an entrepreneur I must say that I've found myself in this place many times. Great advice. I'm saving this article

  • GabGab Posts: 1subscriber Member

    The "Beginner's Mind" tip is such a great one because there have been so many times where I've stressed myself out by repeatedly declaring that "THIS won't work BECAUSE..." My arrogance and "been-there, done-that" perspective prevented me from imagining fun new solutions to major problems, which would have made the journey one of excitement and discovery -- as it often is "the first time" -- instead of stress. Great tip

  • okuoku Posts: 17subscriber Bronze Level Member
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    "Your mission statement will always bring you back to the principles that inspired you to start your company in the first place,"

    I think it's easy to be distracted and become unoriginal by doing what works for other companies and brands.

  • Roz ClarkRoz Clark Posts: 1contributor Contributor

    Thank you for your comments and feedback! I am happy to be of service. Be sure to visit my website for more free content and training.

    Wishing you continued success and inspiration!

    Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!

  • sammarianosammariano Posts: 1subscriber Member

    Right on point with all 4! Perfect timing for where I feel I am at in my business. Thank you for the reminder to go back to Our Mission Statement and why we are doing this in the first place. You can never go wrong coming from a place of gratitude. Time to get my creative groove on and go back to a "Beginner's Mind" Well written article and very helpful.

  • Mike SimonMike Simon Chicago, ILPosts: 2subscriber Member

    Good post! One simple way is to take a pause to re-charge. Maybe to go travel, anything is good if it is not related to your project.

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