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How to Start a Business With No Money



  • AinlaAinla subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Simply write your own story
  • MadisonMadison subscriber Posts: 9 Member
     I just read a book about launching your dream business with essentially nothing but a dream and passion for that dream, it had real stories and motivational graphics/quotes throughout the book, it really kept me reading and inspired me! I do think about the financial aspect of starting my business but then again I want to pursue it so badly I don't mind struggling a little in the startup process. I currently work a full time job & got promoted as of a few days ago so I come home from work at about 6pm and work on my business, then wake up at 5 am work on the business until I leave for work at about 8am. I believe it is about your want level, how bad do you want it? I enjoy hearing personal stories of entrepreneurs in every walk of life, rich, poor, in the middle. Best of luck on this book! 
  • monikagabmonikagab subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    You can join affiliate programs, make a niche website and promote services or products there. This will cost you a little and you can make a lot. Check Exai Website builder exai(dot)com/partner
  • chloefillchloefill subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    There's this website I just recently came across called HelloAlice dot com that is specifically designed for helping entrepreneurs. It's totally free and has literally everything you could possibly need to start a business from scratch including how to start a biz with no money/budget. Would highly recommend! Good luck to you!!!
  • SirTerrySirTerry subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    A nice book it'll be when writen and if already please how do i get a copy? A lot of business solely depends on the startup capital no matter how much knowledge one has of it. 
  • Anna EversonAnna Everson subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    if it was easy to do business without investing money, then everyone in the world would be engaged in business.
    There is such an opportunity, I do not deny, but it is very difficult
    good luck with book
  • RjMaanRjMaan subscriber Posts: 28 Bronze Level Member
    Well, i appreciate your efforts on sharing your success story in that book. May you will have more success in future and you have to write the second part of that book as well. :)
  • Kevonia MaysKevonia Mays subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    @Madison thats great. I do that too. Well right now I don't work so I try to spend most of my day on my business when I'm not spending time with my son or boyfriend.
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Crowdfunding is the best option to start a business.
  • learnsomebusiness.comlearnsomebusiness.com subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Digital Business is best way to setup a high profitable business with very less or even sometimes with zero investment . Other benefit of digital business is that you don’t even need any degree . But the problem is most of people don’t know how to do it or how to set up such a business ?

    So , let me tell you the simplest process of setting up a profitable digital business . Before starting I have to tell you that don’t expect becoming a millionaire by just setting up , you have to put a lots of hardwork for earning a lot from digital businesses but yes digital business can change your life .

    There are hundreds of digital businesses out there , no one is best and no one is worst . But best part of digital businesses is that there are somethings which are almost same .

    There are a tons of ways in which you can earn from internet but let me just explain you one and with giving the reference to one I will explain all other ways for this visit learnsomebusiness
  • lillalilla subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member

    I would not dare to start a business without capital
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