Opening a Shisha Lounge in New Orleans. Where to begin.

MitchRavenswyckMitchRavenswyck New Orleans, LAsubscriber Posts: 8 Member
Amaranthine has been my dream for 5 years, and I'm so tired of studying and studying pointless materials at college at the snails pace. I want to pursue my dreams, and really bring my Hookah Lounge to life in the city where I will Live and Die happily. However, I'm not a person who is above asking for help and insight as I go. Particularly where to begin. I hope y'all can help with this endeavor.

Mitch Ravenswyck


  • themasterofdesignthemasterofdesign subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Hey Mitch! You can start with finances, look for the costs of different things that you need. I think that's the most important part. Once you have that you can start by writing down your daily goals to get the results. I would suggest that you become a person who is asking for help because you never know who can help you out and get you there where you want to be!

  • Shirley D HallerShirley D Haller subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    This is such a great idea if you are starting the business at right location. Do you have funding to start? I think the environment plays a big role for these types of businesses. Make sure you make it what you would expect in a Shisha lounge.
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