Caught the Side-Hustle Bug

ZackP672ZackP672 subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hi everyone, I'm Zack and I have caught the side-hustle bug for a little while now.

I've been wanting to start a side-hustle that has to do with my Radio Control hobby, specifically the building and wrenching part that I thoroughly enjoy so much. I would be buying used RC cars and trucks, cleaning and repairing as needed, and selling them; and eventually boats, planes, helicopters, and drones once I get more experience working on them and piloting them. I would also do commissioned builds and maybe kits built into ARTR's (Almost Ready to Run), I would just have to see where the market goes.

As for a name, I don't have one nailed down yet, but I've been tossing Wrenched Hobbyist around in my head for a week now.

This will come with a unique challenge of operating out of my bedroom at my parent's house while I save up a down payment to buy my own house. I refuse to throw money away by renting. For instance, where to find a good shipping supplies solution that doesn't clutter up my valuable space?


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